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List of Indian Standard Code (IS) For Civil Engineers

List of Indian Standard Code (IS) For Civil Engineers
Written by The Vipin Chauhan

List of Indian (IS) Standard CodeFor Civil Engineers

In Civil Engineering there are many large numbers of Indian Standard (IS) codes are available. These are all the Indian Standard Codes(IS-Code) which can be referred during layout of many constructions works in Civil Engineering. Following are the codes generally used, for any specialized design, any other code may also be referred which are not listed here.

Indian standard codes are the list of codes used for entire civil engineers in India for the purpose of design and layout as well as analysis of civil engineering structures like buildings, dams, roads, railways, airports and many more.

List of Indian Standard Code (IS) For Civil Engineers

IS Code For Design of Concrete and Steel Structures

These following given codes are used in the design of concrete and steel structure.

  • IS: 456 – code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete.
  • IS: 383 – specifications for fine & coarse aggregate from natural sources for concrete.
  • IS: 2386 – methods of tests for aggregate for concrete.
  • IS: 2430 – methods of sampling.
  • IS: 4082 – specifications for storage of materials.
  • IS: 2116 – permissible clay, silt & fine dust contents in the sand.
  • IS: 2250 – compressive strength test for cement mortar cubes.
  • IS: 269 – specifications for 33 grade OPC.
  • IS: 8112 – specifications for 43 grade OPC.
  • IS: 12269 – specifications for 53 grade OPC.
  • IS: 455 – specifications for PSC (Portland slag cement).
  • IS: 1489 – specifications for PPC (Portland pozzolana cement).
  • IS: 6909 – specifications for SSC (super sulphated cement).
  • IS: 8041 – specifications for RHPC (Rapid Hardening Portland cement)
  • IS: 12330 – specifications for SRPC (sulphate resistant Portland cement).
  • IS: 6452 – specifications for HAC for structural use (high alumina cement).
  • IS: 3466 – specifications for masonry cement.
  • IS: 4031 – chemical analysis and tests on cement.
  • IS: 3466 – specifications for masonry cement.
  • IS: 4031 – chemical analysis and tests on cement.
  • IS: 456; 10262; SP 23 – codes for designing concrete mixes.
  • IS: 1199 – methods of sampling and analysis of concrete.
  • IS: 516 – methods of test for strength of concrete.
  • IS: 13311 – ultrasonic testing of concrete structures.
  • IS: 4925 – specifications for a concrete batching plant.
  • IS: 3025 – tests on water samples.
  • IS: 4990 – specifications for plywood formwork for concrete.
  • IS: 9103 – specifications for concrete admixtures.
  • IS: 12200 – specifications for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) water bars.
  • IS: 1077 – specifications for bricks for masonry work.
  • IS: 5454 – methods of sampling of bricks for tests.
  • IS: 3495 – methods of testing bricks.
  • IS: 1786 – cold-worked HYSD steel rebars (grade Fe415 & Fe500).
  • IS: 432; 226; 2062 – mild steel of grade I.
  • IS: 432; 1877 – mild steel of grade II.
  • IS: 1566 – specifications for hard drawn steel wire fabric for reinforcing concrete.
  • IS: 1785 – specifications for plain hard drawn steel wire fabric for prestressed concrete.
  • IS: 2090 – specifications for high tensile strength steel bar for prestressed concrete.
  • IS: 2062 – specifications for steel for general purposes.
  • IS: 226 – specifications for rolled steel made from structural steel.
  • IS: 2074 – specifications for a prime coat for structural steel.
  • IS: 2932 – specifications for synthetic enamel paint for structural steel.
  • IS: 12118 – specifications for Polysulphide sealants.

List of Indian Standard Code (IS) For Civil Engineers

Indian Standard (IS) Code For Cement

IS 269 – 2015 Specification for 33 Grade ordinary portland cement.

IS 8041 – 1990 Specification for Rapid hardening portland cement.

IS 1489 (part 1&2) 1991 Specification for portland Pozzolona cement.

IS 14032 – 1988 Methods of physical test for hydraulic cement.

IS 4032 – 1985 Method of chemical analysis of hydraulic cement.

IS 3535 – 1986 Method of sampling for hydraulic cement.

IS 8112 – 2013 Specification for 43 Grade OPC.

IS 12269-1987 Specification for 53 Grade OPC.

Indian Standard (IS) Code For Coarse / Fine Aggregate

IS 383-1970 Specification for coarse & fine aggregate.

IS 2386 (Part I) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate for concrete particle size and shape IS 2386 (Part I).

IS 2386 (Part II) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate for concrete estimation of deleterious materials and organic impurities.

IS 2386 (Part III) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate for specific gravity, density, voids, absorption & bulking.

IS 2386 (Part V) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate Soundness.

IS 2386 (Part VI) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate measuring mortar making properties of fine aggregates.

IS 2386 (Part VII) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate for alkali-aggregate reactivity.

IS 2386 (Part VIII) 1963 Methods of test for aggregate for petrographic examination.

Indian Standard (IS) Code For Bricks

IS 5454 – 1978 Method of sampling of clay building bricks

IS 3495 (Parts I TO iv) 1976  Method of test for burnt-clay building bricks.

IS 1077 – 1992 Common burnt clay building bricks.

Indian Standard (IS) Code For Masonry Mortar

IS 2116 – 1980 Specification for sand for masonry mortars.

IS 2250 – 1981 Code of practice for preparation and use of masonry mortar.

Indian Standard (IS) Code For Cement Concrete

IS 383 – 1970  Specification for coarse and fine aggregate.

IS 516 – 1959 Specification for compressive strength, Flexural strength

IS 456 – 2000 Code of Practices for Plain & reinforced concrete etc.

IS 1199 – 1959  Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete

IS 10262 – 1982 Recommended Guidelines for Concrete Mix Design.

Indian Standard (IS) Code For Curing Compound

ASTM-C-156809 Standard test method for water retention & daylight reflection test on concrete.

ASTM-C. 87-69 The standard method of test for the effect of organic materials in fine aggregate on strength of mortar.

ASTM C. 309-89 Standard specification for liquid membranes forming compounds.

  Indian Standard (IS) Code For PVC Water Stops

IS 12200 – 1987 Code of practice for the provision of water stops.

IS 8543-19 Procedure for Testing Parts of Pvc.

ASTM : D 638-1991 Standard Test Methods for Tensile Properties of Plastics. ASTM.

ASTM : D 412-1992 Standard Test Methods for Thermoplastic Elastomers-Tension.

Indian Standard (IS) Code For HYSD Bars.

IS 1786 – 1985 Specifications for HYSD bars.

IS 432 (P II) 1966 Specification for Mild Steel and Medium Tensile steel bars.

IS 5121 – 1972 Method for Tensile testing of steel wires.

IS 1566 – 1982 Hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement.

IS 1608 – 1972 Method for Tensile testing of Steel products.

IS 2502 – 1963 Code of practice for bending & fixing of bars for concrete reinforcement.

Indian Standard (IS) Code Pre cast R.C.C. Pipes

IS 458 – 1988 Specifications for precast concrete pipes.

IS 3597 – 1985 Methods of Tests for concrete pipes.

Indian Standard (IS) Code Soil

IS:2720 (Part .I) 1983 Preparation of dry sample (soil)

IS:2720 (Part .III) 1980 Sect/1 Determination of water content (moisture content)

IS: 2720 (Part. III) 1980 Sect/2 Determination of specific gravity of fine-grained soil

IS: 2720 (Part. III) 1980 Sect/2 Determination of specific gravity of fine, medium & coarse-grained soil.

IS:2720 (Part.4) 1985 Grain size analysis  

IS:2720 (Part.5) 1985 Determination of Liquid and plastic limit

IS: 2720 (Part. VI) 1987 Determination of shrinkage factors.

IS: 2720 (Part. VII) 1980 Determination of water content – dry density relation using light compaction.

IS:2720 (Part.8) 1983 Determination of water content – dry density relation using heavy compaction.

IS:2720 (Part IX) 1971 Determination of water content – dry density relation using constant wt. soil method.

IS: 2720 (Part. X) 1991 Determination of Unconfined compressive strength.

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