Project Report on Retrofitting of Building Construction

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Project Report on Retrofitting of Building Construction-Expertcivil

Introduction of Retrofitting of Buildings

There are many points which are introduced about Retrofitting of Buildings, let us discuss point by point

Some following Tests are conducted during Nondestructive Testing of Concrete

(i) Visual inspection
(ii) Rebound hammer test
(iii) Hammer strike
(iv) Impact echo test
(v) Ultrasonic pulse velocity test
(vi) Pull off test
(vii) Cover meters & rebar locators

For Nondestructive Testing on Structural Steel

(i) Visual
(ii) Ultrasonic testing
(iii) Radiography
(iv) Magnetic particle test
(v) Liquid penetrate test
(vi) Hardness

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Contents of Retrofitting of Building Construction

  1. Concept of Various Terms Associated with Retrofitting
  2. Retrofitting of Buildings Structures Damaged Due to Earthquake
  3. Nondestructive Testing of Concrete
  4. Destructive Testing of Concrete
  5. Nondestructive Testing on Structural Steel
  6. Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  7. External post-tensioning
  8. Active control system
  9. Exterior reinforcement of the building
  10. Exterior concrete columns
  11. Infill shear trusses
  12. Massive exterior structure
  13. Retrofitting Measures
  14. Renovating Steel framed buildings
  15. Renovating Concrete structural elements
  16. Evolution of building materials
  17. Masonry, stone, and adobe buildings
  18. Wood and timber
  19. Concrete
  20. Practice and design concepts
  21. Challenges of retrofitting historic fabric
  22. No penetration of building envelope
  23. Penetration without breakage
  24. Breakage with repair
  25. Innovative technologies for historic preservation
  26. Post-tensioning
  27. Base isolation
  28. Seismic Actions
  29. Seismic Resistance and Vulnerability
  30. Application to Buildings in the Village of Soaring
  31. Application to Buildings in the Village of Soaring
  32. Seismic Retrofit of G3 Building in India Tech
  33. Post-tensioned concrete walls
  34. Shear steel damper
  35. Seismic performance assessment
  36. Alternative Design Procedures
  37. Approved Foundation System.
  38. Pier Foundation System.
  39. Non-Continuous Perimeter Foundation Systems.
  40. Unreinforced Masonry Perimeter Foundation.
  41. Inadequate Sill Plate Anchorage.
  42. Inadequate Cripple Wall Bracing.
  43. Research for verification

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