Building Construction Quiz-3

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Building Construction Set-3

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The type of stone masonry in which stones of the same height are laid in layers is called 

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A covering of concrete placed on the exposed top of an external wall is known as

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Single Flemish bond consists of 

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The size of a floor tile commonly used, is 

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The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase 

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Vertical construction joints are provided where the shearing forces are minimum in the case of 

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The entrained concrete is used in lining walls and roofs for making

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The sill of a common wooden partition is 

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A wooden block fixed on back side of a door frame on its post, is known as

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To ensure that supporting area of an offset footing of a boundary wall is fully compressive, the
C.G. of load must act

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The vertical distance between the springing line and the highest point of the inner curve of an arch is
known as 

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The depth of the concrete bed of the foundation depends upon 

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The bond in which headers and stretchers are laid in alternate courses and every stretcher course
is started with a three fourth brick bat, is known as

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In a colar beam roof

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During percussion drilling 

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The width of the hollow space between two walls of a cavity wall should not exceed 

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For effective drainage, the finished surface of flat roof should have a minimum slope of 

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A pre-stressed concrete pile is

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The member which is placed horizontally to support the common rafter of a sloping roof, is 

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The important test to be conducted on a stone used in docks and harbours is 

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The type of joint commonly used at the junction of a principal rafter and tie beam in timber
trusses is

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In grillage foundations, distance between flanges of grillage beams, is kept 

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The type of bond in a brick masonry containing alternate courses of stretchers and headers, is

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The predominant constituent which is responsible for strength in granite is 

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The piece of a brick cut with its one corner equivalent to half the length and half the width of a full
brick, is known as 

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