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Concrete Technology – 2

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Allowable shear strength of concrete, depends upon 

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A concrete using an air entrained cement 

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Under normal conditions using an ordinary cement, the period of removal of the formwork, is: 

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Admixtures which cause early setting and hardening of concrete are called  

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High carbon content in the steel causes 

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For a reinforced concrete section, the shape of shear stress diagram is 

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If the engineer-in-charge approves, the 10 cm cubes may be used for the work test of concrete
provided maximum nominal size of aggregate, does not exceed 

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If the various concrete ingredients i.e. cement, sand and aggregates are in the ratio of 1:3:6, the
grade of concrete, is

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In slump test, each layer of concrete is compacted by a steel rod 60 cm long and of 16 mm
diameter for 

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‘Ware house pack’ of cement means 

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The individual variation between test strength of sample should not be more than 

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For the construction of thin R.C.C. structures, the type of cement to be avoided, is  

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The slab is designed as one way if the ratio of long span to short span is

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Concrete mainly consists of

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For batching 1:3:6 concrete mix by volume, the ingredients required per bag of 50 kg cement, are: 

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A beam curved in plan is designed for

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For the construction of cement concrete dams, the maximum permissible size of the aggregates, is

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The load carrying capacity of a helically reinforced column as compared to that of a tied column is

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The surface where two successive placements of concrete meet, is known as 

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Particles of 0.002 mm size are that of 

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To hydrate 500kg of cement full water needed, is 

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The minimum cover in a slab should neither be less than the diameter of the bar nor less than

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The average permissible stress in bond for plain bars in tension is

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Water cement ratio is generally expressed in volume of water required per 

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Which of the following R.C. retaining walls is suitable for heights beyond 6 m? 

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