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Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction

Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction
Written by The Vipin Chauhan

Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction

Tools for Stone Masonry

When stone masonry is used in construction field we need too many tools for this stone masonry operation, There are given a few tools that perform a wide variety of tasks leading to beautiful stone masonry results. there are a short list of tools which is required for stone masonry construction, tools may be Eg:- Trowel,Square, Plumb bob, spirit level, Line and pin, Bevel, Pick Axe, Crowbar, Chisels, Spall Hammer, Mallet, Iron Hammer, Scabbling Hammer, Pitching tool, Gauge, Mallet , Nicker , Jumper, Wedge, Gad, Drag ,. Punch, Handsaw,  Crosscut saw, Frame Saw…etc.


Trowel: This is used to lift and spread mortar.


Square: This is made of flat steel having each arm about 0.5m long.

Plumb Bob

Plumb rule and bob: This is used to check the vertically of walls.

Spirit Level

Spirit level: this is used to check the horizontality of walls.

Line and Pin

Line and pin: This is used to maintain the alignment of the work in progress.


Bevel: The instrument used to set right angles.

Pick Axe

Pick-axe: This is employed for the dressing of rough stone and split the stones in the quarry.


Crowbar: This is used to make stones in the query.


Chisels: They are used to dress stones.

Spall Hammer

Spall hammer: This is a heavy hammer used for the rough dressing of stones.


Mallet: The wooden hammer used for driving of wooded headed chisels.

Iron Hammer

Iron hammer: This is used for the carving of stones.

Scabbling Hammer

Scabbling hammer: This is used to break small projections of stones.

Pitching Tool

Pitching tool: This is used to make the stones of the required size.


Gauge: this is employed to dress stones for spring course, comice, coping etc.

Claw Tool

Claw tool: This is employed for dressing the surface of stones.


Nicker: This is employed to draw fine chisel lines on the stone surface.


Jumper: They are used for boring holes.

Wedge and feathers

Wedge and feathers: They are employed for cutting the stones after they have been bored with the jumper.


Gad: A small steel wedge used for splitting of stones.


Drag: This is employed to level a stone surface.


Punch: This is employed to dress roughly the stones.


Handsaw: This is used to cut soft stones.

Crosscut Saw

Cross-cut saw: This is used to cut hard stones.

Frame saw

Frame saw: This is used to cut large blocks of stones.   

Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction  Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction

Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction

Tools Required for Stone Masonry Construction

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