30+ Bar Bending Schedule Advanced Spreadsheets (EXCEL)


Are you looking for a complete set of 30+ Bar Bending Schedule Advanced Spreadsheets for your construction project?

This is an essential tool for everyone who is involved in detailing reinforcement in accordance. Whether you are a designer, detailer, contractor, or a manufacturer/supplier this spreadsheet will help you save a lot of time when preparing bar lists and when sorting, optimizing, tagging, etc rebar.

In this package, you will get the following spreadsheets (BBS+Cutting Lenght)

  1. Bar Bending Schedule for Slab
  2. BBS for Box Culvert
  3. BBS for Lintel Beam
  4. BBS for rectangular footing
  5. Beam BBS (All types)
  6. Column BBS (G+3)
  7. BBS for Combined Footing
  8. Deck Slab BBS
  9. Minor Bridge SKEW BBS (Cast-in-situ)
  10. Octagonal Pile Cap BBS
  11. Pier BBS Raft and Shaft
  12. Retaining Wall BBS
  13. Single Floor Column BBS
  14. Two Way Slab BBS
  15. Circular bottom slab BBS
  16. Circular Top Slab BBS
  17. Box culvert (Quantity)
  18. Isolated Footing
  19. Two-Legged Stirrups Cutting Length
  20. Four-Legged Stirrups Cutting Length
  21. Six-legged stirrups Cutting Length
  22. Chair Bar Cutting Length
  23. Haunch Bar
  24. Girder BBS
  25. Pier Foundation (All types)
  26. Pile Cap
  27. Raft Footing
  28. Macro enabled BBS Format
  29. BBS Common Shape Codes
  30. BBS Program – Lite version
  31. BBS Format -Feet System

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February 27, 2021

Perfect and useful BBS spreadsheets for contractors and civil engineers, Thanks Dude

Feedback Team
Feedback Team
November 25, 2021

Thanks for your valuable feedback, James 🙂

November 23, 2021

Please make video how to use this spreadsheet

Feedback Team
Feedback Team
November 25, 2021

Hi Sam, Thanks for your suggestion, we will try to make videos on spreadsheet tutorials.

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