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World’s largest educational resources gallery exclusively for Civil Engineers. This website is authored and maintained by Vipin Chauhan, He is a Civil Engineer and the founder of ExpertCivil.com.

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To emerge as a World class Digital Library, Elucidating the Civil engineering subject for students at the global level in its Immensity, Novelty, and Depth, perceiving the responsibility to transform the learning process towards an Eco-friendly module.

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To provide Free online access to an e-treasure of quality educational materials as collected from various eminent sources to support the learning requisites of civil engineering students throughout the world, promoting the concept of green-learning and the value of sharing knowledge. And to offer a virtual platform to exchange, discuss and connect the knowledge contents of the latest kind for the civil engineers beyond any barriers.

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vipin-chauhan-Expertcivil.com-founderMy name is Vipin Chauhan — the guy behind this blog. A Civil Engineer and a young part-time blogger. I started my website in August 2018. In my 4 years as a carrier, I have gone through a lot of books. I learned a lot during this time, so I decided to start a new blog and share what I’ve learned so far. On the 4th August 12, 2018, My blog ExpertCivil.Com was live. I hope you will enjoy the blog “ExpertCivil.com”.This blog has been designed in order to provide its readers with some of the most valuable information in the field of civil engineering.

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