Construction is the Process of Construction Building as well as infrastructures.

Basically construction is a project which is done by the team and requires a lot of working together. A construction project may require a very large or small workforce’s, depending on the size of the construction project or any.

No matter what the size is, there are lots of different jobs to do, requiring many different skills.

On a construction site, each and every person is responsible for doing their own job using their own skills. On one construction site, there could be over 40 to 50  men and women all doing different jobs such as a welder, engineer, electrician, plumber and many more.

Not all the members of the workforce will be based on site either; some may be driving on the road delivering supplies or back at the office planning the construction.

Because there can be a lot of employees working on a construction site at one time, there is a lot going on all at once. The building also requires many different types of equipment and tools, ranging from small tools to large equipment such as vehicles, Crane, Excavator.

Yes if not used correctly, both of these types of equipment can be very dangerous to the person using it and also everyone else around them. This is why safety is always the primary focus on a construction site.

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