Factors affecting geometric design of Highway

Factors affecting geometric design of Highway

Factors affecting geometric design of Highway

Hello, Engineers, welcome back to world’s largest civil engineering portal, let us discuss about the factors affecting geometric design of highway. I’m giving some important factors please read carefully.

Design speed

Design speed is the single most important factor that affects the geometric design. It directly affects the sight distance, horizontal curve, and the length of vertical curves. Since the speed of vehicles vary with driver, terrain etc, a design speed is adopted for all the geometric design.


It is easier to construct roads with required standards for a plain terrain.
However, for a given design speed, the construction cost increases multi form with the gradient and the terrain.

Traffic factors

It is of crucial importance in highway design, is the traffic data both current and future estimates. Traffic volume indicates the level of services (LOS) for which the highway is being planned and directly affects the geometric features such as width, alignment, grades etc., without traffic data it is very difficult to design any highway.

Design Hourly Volume and Capacity

The general unit for measuring traffic on highway is the Annual Average Daily Traffic volume, abbreviated as AADT. The traffic flow (or) volume keeps fluctuating with time, from a low value during off peak hours to the highest value during the peak hour. It will be uneconomical to design the roadway facilities for the peak traffic flow.

Environmental and other factors

The environmental factors like air pollution, noise pollution, landscaping, aesthetics and other global conditions should be given due considerations in the geometric design of roads.

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