Water Absorption Test on Stones

Water Absorption Test on Stones

Water Absorption Test on Stones

Water absorption test is carried out to calculate the %age water absorbed by stones.

Procedure: For this test, the stone is samples are taken and dried in an oven at 100° C to 110° C for 24 hours. The sample is then weighed and the weight is recorded as w1.

Now the sample is immersed in distilled water at room temperature (20°c to 30°c) for a period of 24hours.

Samples are taken out of the water and surface water is wiped off with a damp cloth and weighed again. Let the weight at this stage is w2.

Then, the percentage of water absorption by weight of a given stone specimen is given by the following relationship:-

Absorption value in percentage = W2-W1/W1 x 100

water absorption test

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