Some Common Tests on Building Stones

Determine the suitability of a stone for a particular structure, some tests are performed whose results give us a wide knowledge about that stone. Some Common Test on Building Stones are as follows :

Acids Test

The acid test is performed to examine the weathering Strength Test

Crushing Test (Compressive Strength Test)

Compressive strength to determine in this test.

Smith’s Test

This test is carried out to find out the presence of soluble organic matter in the stone.

Water Absorption Test

This test is carried out to calculate the %age water absorbed by stones.

Attrition Test

This Test is conducted to determine the resistance power of stone against the grinding action.

Brard’s Test

This is carried out known the behavior of stone against frost action.

Microscopic Test

This is carried out to examine the stones closely with the help of the microscope

Acid Test on Building Stones

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