Building Construction Important Questions

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What is Deep Foundation?

A deep foundation is a type of foundation which is transfers entire building loads to the earth farther down from the surface than a shallow foundation does to a subsurface layer or a range of depths.

What is the shoring in construction?

Shoring is a most common technique used to reinforce below the ground excavations during any construction projects, as well as to provide a temporary reinforcement for the above ground structures which are in the process of being renovated.

What is stepped foundation?

Stepped foundation is simply type of isolated footing provided over the soil having less bearing capacity. Because of this, low soil capacity load need to be transfer over the larger area. it is also known as Stripped Foundation or Strip Footing, this is  provided as a continuous, level (or sometimes stepped) strip of support to a linear structure such as a wall or closely-spaced rows of columns built centrally above them.

What are wooden partition walls?

As the name indicate, wooden walls are used as a Partition walls is known as wooden partition walls, generally it is used for the create a extra privacy between the two rooms, or halls, now days it is too famous for office buildings.

Why do we use construction joints?

A building joint is a separation created in a building that allows the component parts to move in connection to each other; a joint where two concrete placements meet. it is also known as Cold Joints.

Frequently Asked Questions in Building Construction

Very Short Answer type questions

Define the following terms

  1. Deep Foundation.
  2. Shoring
  3. Dwarf wall
  4. Quoin
  5. Raking
  6. Jambs
  7. Corbel
  8. Natural bed of stone
  9. Throating
  10. Skew back
  11. Haunch
  12. Recess
  13. Shutter
  14. Base course
  15. Facia board
  16. Nosing
  17. Stone cladding
  18. Hacking
  19. Super Structure
  20. Header
  21. King Closer
  22. Facing
  23. Plinth
  24. Bedding Planers
  25. Corrice
  26. Corner stone
  27. Parapet
  28. Abutment
  29. Extrados
  30. Topping
  31. Winders
  32. Newel
  33. Riser
  34. Rafter
  35. Define Pitch in stairs
  36. Define Flemish Bond
  37. Define Parapet
  38. Define Dampness
  39. Define sill
  40. Define Hazardous building
  41. Define Non-load bearing wall
  42. Define Header
  43. Define Dog legged stair

Short answer type questions

  1. What is stepped foundation?
  2. What are wooden partition walls?
  3. Explain construction joints.
  4. What is raking of joints?
  5. How stone arches are constructed?
  6. Sketch a lintel with sunshade.
  7. What are door closures & hold fasts?
  8. How will you carry out damp proofing of roofs and window sills.
  9. How reverse slope is provided in bathrooms and toilets?
  10. What is cellotex false ceiling?
  11. What are spiral stairs?
  12. Explain plastic paints.
  13. Explain anti termite measures for RCC foundation.
  14. Write the concept of vastu shastra.
  15. Explain wall paneling.
  16. Discuss is brief masonary pillars.
  17. When do you recommend composit masonary construction ? What are its advantages?
  18. Write a short note on retaining walls.
  19. Write short note on toothing.
  20. Describe the use of Lintels
  21. Discuss segmental Arch.
  22. Write a short note on cast in situ Lintels.
  23. Draw the sketch showing D.P.C. in basement.
  24. Write a short note on PVC flooring
  25. Explain briefly the details of arched roof.
  26. What points you will keep in mind while planning a staircase.
  27. How you will do anti termite treatment of masonary foundation
  28. What are the factors to be considered for selection of site for Industrial building.
  29. Describe briefly how you will apply paint on old plastered wall in brief?
  30. Define Mortar. Name the two types of mortar and briefly describe each type.
  31. Write down five essential factors to be considered while selecting a roof covering.

Long answer type questions.

  1. Explain the construction details & suitability of tubular scaffolding.
  2. Describe the method of laying bricks in walls.
  3. What precautions are observed during construction of walls?
  4. Explain briefly with sketches different types of arches.
  5. What are plastic and aluminium windows? Explain briefly with sketches?
  6. Explain the method of construction of timber floors. Give its BIS specifications.
  7. Explain construction suitability and uses of wooden partition walls.
  8. What are the principles to be observed in construction of stone masonary?
  9. What special care you will take during execution of stone masonary work on dressing of stone.
  10. Write a short note on Panel Door.
  11. Write a short note on Ventilators.
  12. Discuss special damp proofing arrangement to be done in bathrooms, WC and Kitchen.
  13. Discuss in detail various techniques of plastering and curing.
  14. Explain the remedies of Dampness
  15. Explain the classification of stairs with neat sketches.
  16. Define the types of foundation.
  17. Enlist the methods of bonding new brick work with old brick work. Explain any two.

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