Classification of buildings based on occupancy

Classification of buildings based on occupancy

Classification of buildings based on occupancy

As we know, A building may be classified based on different parameters like occupancy, load transfer in the
structure, materials used, degree of fire resistance, etc. so today I’m going to be share about Classification of buildings based on occupancy.

The building based on occupancy are classified as follows:

  1. Residential Buildings
  2. Educational Buildings
  3. Office Buildings
  4. Historical Buildings
  5. Industrial Buildings
  6. Recreational Buildings
  7. Institutional Buildings
  8. Commercial Buildings
  9. Hazardous Buildings
  10. Storage Buildings
  11. Assembly Buildings
  12. Public Buildings

Residential Buildings

The buildings in which an individual or a family or a group of families reside temporarily or permanently are referred as residential buildings such as flat, cottage, house, bungalow, etc.

Educational Buildings

The buildings in which education is imparted to the children are referred as Educational Buildings such as school, college, library, coaching center, etc.

Office Buildings

The buildings which are used for official purposes by any department such as Income Tax, Telegraph, Telephone, Public health reffered as Office Buildings.

Historical Buildings

The buildings which indicate the historic importance are referred as Historical Buildings such as Lal Quila, Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, etc.

Industrial Buildings

The Buildings used for producing industrial goods or products are referred as Industrial Buildings such as factories, workshops, etc.

Recreational Buildings

The buildings used for recreation purposes are referred as Recreational Buildings such as cinemas, clubs, swimming, pools, etc.

Institutional Buildings

The buildings constructed for the care of persons suffering from various diseases mental as well as physical are referred as Institutional Buildings such as hospitals, sanitaria, etc.

Commercial Buildings

The buildings used for business purposes referred as Commercial Buildings such as shops, stores, banks etc.

Storage Buildings

The buildings used for the storage of various products are reffered as storage buildings such as cold storages, godowns etc.

Hazardous Buildings

The buildings used for the purposes of storage and handling of highly combustible materials are referred as Hazardous Buildings such as Building used for the storage of sulfur dioxide ammonia carbon dioxide etc,

 Assembly Buildings

The buildings used for get together purposes are referred as Assembly Buildings such as Temples, townhalls mosque, etc.

Public Buildings

The buildings constructed in the interest of the public are referred as Public Buildings such as railway station, bus stands, airport etc.

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