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Strength of Materials Objective Questions

As compared to uniaxial tension or compression, the strain energy stored in bending is only

  • A. 1/8
  • B. 1/4
  • C. 1/3
  • D. 1/2

Answer: Option C

The ratio of strengths of solid to hollow shafts, both having outside diameter D and hollow having inside diameter D/2, in torsion, is

  • A. 1/4
  • B. 1/2
  • C. 1/16
  • D. 15/16
  • E. 3/8

Answer: Option D

The weakest section of a diamond riveting, is the section which passes through

  • A. first row
  • B. second row
  • C. central raw
  • D. one rivet hole of end row.

Answer: Option A

In a loaded beam, the point of con-traflexture occurs at a section where

  • A. bending moment is minimum
  • B. bending moment is zero or changes sign
  • C. bending moment is maximum
  • D. shearing force is maximum
  • E. shearing force is minimum.

Answer: Option B

The ratio of elongations of a conical bar due to its own weight and that of a prismatic bar of the
same length, is

  • A. 1/2
  • B. 1/3
  • C. 1/4
  • D. 1/5
  • E. 1/6

Answer: Option B

A three-hinged arch is said to be :

  • A. statically determinate structure
  • B. statically indeterminate structure
  • C. a bent beam
  • D. none of these.

Answer: Option A

The shape of the bending moment diagram over the length of a beam, having no external load, is

  • A. linear
  • B. parabolic
  • C. cubical
  • D. circular.

Answer: Option A

Pick up the incorrect statement

  • A. The cross-sectional area of the welded member is effective
  • B. A welded joint develops strength of its parent metal
  • C. Welded joints provide rigidity
  • D. Welded joints have better finish
  • E. Welding takes more time than riveting.

Answer: Option E

If two forces acting at a joint are not along the straight line, then for the equilibrium of the joint

  • A. one of the forces must be zero
  • B. each force must be zero
  • C. forces must be equal and of the same sign
  • D. forces must be equal in magnitude but opposite in sign.

Answer: Option B

If the shear force along a section of a beam is zero, the bending moment at the section is

  • A. zero
  • B. maximum
  • C. minimum
  • D. average of maximum-minimum
  • E. None of these.

Answer: Option B

The shape of the bending moment diagram over the length of a beam, carrying a uniformly
distributed load is always

  • A. linear
  • B. parabolic
  • C. cubical
  • D. Circular

Answer: Option B

The minimum number of rivets for the connection of a gusset plate, is

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer: Option B

The slenderness ratio of a vertical column of a square cross-section of 2.5 cm sides and 300 cm
length, is

  • A. 200
  • B. 240
  • C. 360
  • D. 416
  • E. 500

Answer: Option D

A rectangular beam 20 cm wide is subjected to a maximum shearing force of 10, 000 kg, the
corresponding maximum shearing stress being 30 kg/cm2

The depth of the beam is

  • A. 15 cm
  • B. 20 cm
  • C. 25 cm
  • D. 30 cm.

Answer: Option C

The maximum twisting moment a shaft can resist, is the product of the permissible shear stress

  • A. moment of inertia
  • B. polar moment of inertia
  • C. polar modulus
  • D. modulus of rigidly.

Answer: Option C

For a simply supported beam with a central load, the bending moment is

  • A. least at the centre
  • B. least at the supports
  • C. maximum at the supports
  • D. maximum at the centre.

Answer: Option D

The deflection of any rectangular beam simply supported, is

  • A. directly proportional to its weight
  • B. inversely proportional to its width
  • C. inversely proportional to the cube of its depth
  • D. directly proportional to the cube of its length
  • E. none of these.

Answer: Option C

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