Timber in Construction

Hello Engineers welcome back to Expertcivil.com, let’s know all about  the timber, which are used as a construction materials.

In this post the following topics will be covered, 

  • What is timber
  • Used of timbers
  • Classification of timbers

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What is Timber?

As we know that, Timber denotes wood, which is suitable for building or carpentry or various other engineering purposes like for construction of doors, windows, roofs, partitions, beams, posts, cupboards, shelves and many mores.

We seems many things in daily life which is made by timber for example, wooden gate, window partition walls etc. 

What is Timber Used for?

As discussed, timber or woods is generally used in every construction or carpentry works like, construction of bridges, piles(Wooden piles) Scaffolding, frame work, temporary structures etc.

I’m giving some following points please read carefully, 

  1. Timber is used in the form of piles, posts, beams, lintels, door/window frames and leaves, roof members etc.
  2.  Timber is used for flooring, ceiling, paneling and construction of partition walls.
  3. Timber is used for form work for concrete, for the timbering of trenches, centring for arch work, scaffolding, transmission poles and fencing.
  4. Timber is used in wagon and coach building, marine installations and bridges.
  5. Timber is used in making furniture of agriculture implements, sports goods, musical instruments, well curbs, mortar bodies, carts and carriages, railway sleeps, packing cases etc.

Let’s discuss our third point which are classification of timbers.

Classification of Trees 

Depending upon their mode of growth trees may be divided in the following two categories.

  1. Endogeneous trees
  2. Exogeneous trees

Endogeneous Trees

These trees grow inwards and fibrous mass is seen in their longitudinal sections. Timber from these trees has very limited engineering applications Ex: bamboo, cane , palm etc 

Exogeneous Trees

These increases in bulk by growing outwards and used for engineering purposes. Exogeneous trees are further sub-divided into two groups 

  • Conifers 
  • Deciduous
Conifers Trees

These trees having pointed, needle like or scale like leaves and yield soft wood. this tree is also known as evergreen tree.

Deciduous Trees

The trees having flat broad leaves and leaves of those trees fall in autumn and new ones appear in spring season.

Timber for engineering purpose is mostly derived from deciduous trees. These trees yield hard wood. 

Example: ash, beach, oak, sal, teak, shishum and wallnut.

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