Construction Quality Assurance & Quality Control PDF Download

Hello friends I’m going to share a most important PDF file which is related to Construction Quality Assurance & Quality Control PDF Download,  in this Article your all points to be clear related to Construction’s Quality Assurance & Quality Control with Management.

Construction Quality Assurance & Quality Control PDF Download

Do you know about Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control? or What is Quality Control in Civil Engineering?

These following topics are already shared in another Blog Post (Quality Control and Monitoring Project Report).

  1. What is Quality Control in Civil Engineering?
  2. Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  3. About Quality Assurance
  4. About Quality Control
  5. Quality Check on Site
  6. Material Quality Check

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ABBREVIATIONS for Construction Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • CD consent decree
  • CAD computer-aided design
  • CM Construction Manager
  • CMP construction management plan
  • CPR Canadian Pacific Railway
  • CQA construction quality assurance
  • CQAO construction quality assurance officer
  • CQAP construction quality control/quality assurance plan
  • CQCP contractor quality control plan
  • EIT Engineer in Training
  • EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • FDR final design report
  • FE senior field engineer
  • FI CM field inspector
  • FSWC Facility Site Work Construction (Contract 1 and Contract 2)
  • GE General Electric Company
  • GPS geosynchronous positioning system
  • HASP health and safety plan
  • HDR HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • IFC issue for construction
  • MPA mass per unit area
  • NCR noncompliance report
  • NICET National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
  • NYSDEC New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • O&M operation and maintenance
  • PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls
  • PE Professional Engineer
  • PEI Process Equipment Installation (Contract 3a)
  • PSCP performance standards compliance plan
  • QA quality assurance
  • QC quality control
  • QCM quality control systems manager
  • QMP quality management plan
  • QMS quality management system
  • QoLPS quality of life performance standards
  • RA remedial action
  • RA CD remedial action consent decree
  • RA HASP remedial action health and safety plan
  • RAWP remedial action work plan
  • RD AOC Administrative Order on Consent for Hudson River Remedial Design and Cost Recovery
  • RM river mile
  • ROD record of decision
  • SM Site Manager
  • SOW scope of work
  • SWPPP storm water pollution prevention plan
  • SPCCP spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plan
  • TID Thompson Island Dam

Contents of Construction Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Project Setting
  • Phase 1 Contracts description
  • Quality Program overview
  • Quality Management plan
  • CQAP Organization
  • Project QC/QA organization
  • Responsibilities and authorities of organizations
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Structure of QC/QA organization
  • Construction Manager’s Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Schedule
  • Preparation of As-Built Drawings
  • Daily Record Keeping
  • Responsibilities
  • Quality Program Overview
  • Construction QC/QA Plan
  • EPA Approval
  • CQAP Changes
  • QC Changes
  • Construction Deficiencies
  • Inspections
  • QA Testings
  • QC Testings
  • Construction Acceptance Criteria
  • Construction Audits
  • Samples

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