Aerated Autoclaved Concrete PPT Download

Hello Students, Do you know about aerated autoclaved concrete any way today I’m going to show you the presentation about Aerated Autoclaved Concrete with PPT file( Aerated Autoclaved Concrete PPT Download ).

What is Aerated Autoclaved Concrete

Autoclaved circulated air through cement (AAC) is made with fine totals, bond, and an extension operator that makes the new blend rise like bread mixture. Indeed, this kind of cement contains 80 per cent air.
In the processing plant where it is made, the material is shaped and cut into correctly dimensioned units.

Restored squares or boards of autoclaved circulated air through cement are joined with thin bed mortar. Parts can be utilized for dividers, floors, and rooftops.

The lightweight material offers brilliant sound and warm protection, and like all concrete based materials, is solid and heat proof. So as to be tough, AAC requires some sort of connected completion, for example, a polymer-changed stucco, common or made stone or siding.


Aerated Autoclaved Concrete PPT Download

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