Contractor Change Order Request Excel for Project Management

Hello Engineers, How are you? Welcome back to world’s best Civil Engineering Blog, today I’m sharing a powerful spreadsheet ” Contractor Change Order Request Excel for Project Management

What is Contractor Change Order

As you know a change order is a document used to record a change to your initial building agreement. Change orders in building generate a record of extra services being delivered to the client as well as costs for those services.

A subcontractor who fails to use change orders may forget to charge extra expenses associated with the required modifications or forget to finish the modifications completely.

The following characteristics are available in a change order form:

  1. A revised field of job – this could mean less job or more, but generally, besides what has already been agreed, the client asks for doing something.
  2. Pricing the new job.
  3. Any relevant changes to the original contract resulting from, for example, the fresh scope of the project, extending the project delivery schedule as the scope of work is now higher.
  4. Both the contractor and the client signatures

These following things available in the excel/spreadsheet 

  • Project Name
  • Project NO:
  • C.O.R. NO:
  • Description of Change:
  • Prime Contractor Direct Costs
  • Subcontractor Mark-up

Preview of the excel sheet 

Contractor Change Order Request Excel preview

How to Download this excel sheet

Just click on “Download Now” Button and Download it.

Download Now 

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