In this post we are going to share about the tube frame structure system, i will discuss concept of tube frame structure, types of tube frame structure, history of tube frame structure and comparison of tube frame structure.


The tube is the name given to the systems where a building is built to act as a three-dimensional hollow tube to withstand lateral loads (wind, seismic, etc.) Fazlur Rahman Khan developed the program while at Chicago’s (SOM) office in Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The first example of the use of the tube is the 43-story DeWitt-Chestnut Apartment Building designed by Khan in Chicago, Illinois, completed in 1963.

The framework may be designed using steel, concrete, or composite (the distinct use of both steel and concrete). It can be used on office buildings, condos and mixed-use buildings.
More than 40 story buildings constructed in the United States since the 1960s.


The concept of the tube system is based on the idea that a building can be designed as a hollow cantilever perpendicular to the ground to resist lateral loads.

In the simplest incarnation of the tube, the perimeter of the exterior consists of closely spaced columns that are tied together with deep beams through moment connections. This assembly of columns and beams forms a rigid frame that amounts to a dense and strong structural wall along the exterior of the building. for more please download the PPT its free.

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